About the webinar- the need of hour!!

As per WHO finding we are witnessing covid19 first phase and it seems COVID will never end completely, we have to adapt our lifestyle with COVID-19( WHO REPORT ON HEALTH). The outbreak of the COVID19 pandemic has affected the lives of billions on the planet. Whole lifestyle and habit of individual concentrated within four Walls with the rule of social distancing. This has questioned the modern science and development of human beings that how helpless are human beings. This has taught people that how artificial intelligence and digital online work from home can be done but biological scientist are arguing life within four walls with social distancing which can be a boon for the environment, but an important question is how we are going to adapt in this atmosphere with immense challenges of water shortage, temp rise, resulting in global warming on one hand whereas biological challenges created by COVID 19 called for lockdown, has created occupational as well as health challenges.

It is in this regard we proudly bring to you the WEBINAR on “COVID-19 administration and Environmental justice” with Mr. Rupak Kumar Joshi (Asst. Professor, Usha Martin University) and Mr Ashutosh Kumar ( Advoacte, Supreme Court of India and Former Legal Officer, AALCO) on June 5, 2020 at 3:00 p.m.

We look forward to your active participation to know, understand and further take up the cause with a strong sense of commitment towards Mother Nature.

The aim of this webinar is to discuss and aware of the best possible sustainable means during the administration of COVID 19 which has caused a million of fatalities, migration of laborers, complete lockdown causing job crisis as well as food crisis bringing economy in standstill mode. This webinar ponders rule of law in COVID19 WITH ITS IMPACT ON ENVIRONMENT with access to environmental justice which will highlight the means and method of sustainability and control of administration at the time of the pandemic. Posing question that why we are creating a graveyard for ourselves because of the COVID 19 outbreak which is deemed as a man-made crisis due to the uncertainty of its scientific cause.

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We encourage academic and research. The presentation will be shared after the webinar and can be utilized for research and academic purpose.