Attendance vs Knowledge: Concern with college Students. by Dhaddka Sai Sindhu Bhawani

Knowledge :

The theoretical or ​practical understanding of a subject. And the awareness gained by experience of a situation. Knowledge is what prevents us from making the same mistake we made in the past. There is a proverb “knowledge is power”. This proverb has versatile shades of application and holds good in several contexts. Knowledge is the primary factor that clearly distinguishes the human race from the animals. Without knowledge one cannot be successful in life.

These days knowledge is very important. Not only knowledge depends on education. Knowing our traditions, customs, rituals and also about our religion is also comes under knowledge. Without knowledge no one can gain success in their life. It is a key point to grow in our career.

Role of institutions :

Institutions plays a major role in gaining knowledge. The institutions defines its purpose and establishes educational objectives aligned with those purposes. The educational institution is a place where different ages gain Knowledge. They provide a large facilities to learn. There is no age limit to gain knowledge. The faculty in the institutions also gives a bunch of information to gain knowledge.

Through educational institutions not only we gain knowledge about education. Through the educational institutions we can gain how to behave, discipline, how to live and also basic things which helps us a lot in our career. The role of a mentor in the educational institutions help us a lot in gaining knowledge. The mentor helps us to learn the things which we don’t till Learn now . They guide a lot that makes us to train good.

Other sources of knowledge :

Not only by going to institutions we gain knowledge from the other sources also we can gain knowledge. In our present updated society there are many other sources to gain knowledge. Now-a-days knowledge gained not only by teachers but also through digital platform. In these days the knowledge is gained through Google, and also from other websites. We can get knowledge through mobile apps like byjus, tutorials, YouTube, e-pathshala,vedantu etc… from the other sources we can get knowledge through socialization.

Attendance vs knowledge :

In general all the institutions had a rule that these should be a minimum attendance to write the exams. If there is no minimum attendance then the institutions will not allow the students to write the exam. It states that the minimum attendance symbolises that minimum knowledge was gained by students. Knowledge is measured on the criteria of attendance. Institutions state that more students attend college more they gain knowledge. But there will be some students who don’t have minimum attendance also have endless knowledge. To avoid this situation the institutions should say that exams are compulsory and attendance should be mandatory. Institutions says that attendance is compulsory if they do that they may lost may of the most talented persons. By that the development of society also decreases.

Does attendance symbolises knowledge :

Many of college students states that attendance is not important than knowledge. Attendance is not important than knowledge. And the knowledge is important. Many of them disagree the statement attendance symbolises knowledge. Because not only by maintaining the attendance they get knowledge through other sources also they can get knowledge. In this upgraded and digital platform. In that digital platform we can gain knowledge without attendance. Because it won’t have attendance. Through learning from other platforms attendance is not necessary. It is totally based on their own interest.

There are many reasons for lack of attendance. The people who live in remote areas have no proper facilities to go college or etc. though there are government institutions the people who live in remote areas are in below poverty line. They don’t even have money to transportation and also their daily needs. Though the government institutions gives Free education, food, books, etc… but they can’t spend money for transportation. There are also some students have high memory and intelligent quotient and capabilities who are eligible to be given a chance. But by the minimum attendance those people are lacking that chance. Through this country is lacking in development.

In olden days there is no this much of technology like online classes and online books and etc… in those days people also taught that by only attending classes only they get knowledge and in those days they won’t have oney to send their children to college or school, whatever it may be. Because of that reason most of the people in those days are illiterate . But when it comes to modern days nowadays everything is available online. It means no need of going to class daily and sitting hours to hours in class writing exams which are kept by them etc…there are many advantages through online because they will conduct classes and exams which can help us to know how much knowledge we have gained. Knowledge is very much important in our life without knowledge our life is nothing . Because knowledge is very very important to do anything in our life it means even the small things which we do in our daily life.
Knowledge symbolises the character of the person that how he behaves and his attitude. A knowledgeable person is a person who is well informed and well knowing. He is well conversant in the area in which he has gained knowledge and understanding. Many of the people see that the person had knowledge or not but they won’t show they gained knowledge and from where he gained. It states that knowledge is important but it is not important and necessary from where did the knowledge came.

There is no relation between attendance and knowledge because both are different in their own aspects. If we see them separately they have an exact meaning individually. Both the words are used in daily in each and everyone’s life. But when we make comparison with both attendance and knowledge both are quite opposite from each other and those words are not related. Attendance just shows the presence of students in the class and also are they regular or not. But the knowledge define the person who stands in front of you. By speaking some time with another person we can estimate that how much he had. If we go to college and should have full attendance then only we can gain knowledge is a wrong thing. Because we gain knowledge through self education by associating ourselves with educated people, group discussion and by attending assignments and seminars. By doing all knowledge can be gained without attendance.

“An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest” is a proverb said by the founding father of the United States Benjamin Franklin. It means knowledge helps us a lot in our life to be in a great and top position. Knowledge is the best key wherever we go and it is useful in all the ways which makes us good and profit. Where as attendance it only usefully only for the presence in the class. If we take both knowledge and attendance in each of our hands then the uses of attendance will be very low and the uses of knowledge will be high. As Benjamin Franklin said the investment of knowledge always gives us profit because to get success in life we should have knowledge if we invest that we do not get loss. And also there is a saying that “knowledge has a beginning but no end” it states that if we start learning then there will be no end to stop learning anything. By these aspects attendance does not symbolises knowledge.

Conclusion :

According to my view there is no relation between attendance and knowledge. When it comes I support knowledge because one can gain knowledge on their own interest. If they want to learn they can learn. By goading someone they cannot gain knowledge. If the student is interested in learning then that person will learn he won’t care about attendance and what does it matter. Not only by attending classes and maintaining attendance one can get knowledge. By the other sources also one can a bunch and plenty of knowledge. In these days there are many ways to gain knowledge there is no need to go regularly and maintain attendance. Knowledge justifies the character of the person and from the atmosphere from where he came. Knowledge is a very important tool to get positive changes in the society and also helps to improve our living style. Attendance is important in class itself and to write academic exams and it does not help to our future. But knowledge is useful wherever we go and whatever we do. I conclude that knowledge is more important than attendance and that knowledge helps us to maintain our graph high.

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