Overpopulation is a major issue faced by our country. This is a country where if the topic overpopulation is brought among the people, they think it is against human morality and customs to discuss them in public. Then what is the real morality we are talking about? It is the mind set which is the source of not accepting the changes to the newer world. They must be thinking about the didactic morality which will make the people realise that there is nothing to be ashamed to talk about overpopulation but must be ashamed to live in a country where overpopulation is marked as a major rising issue in decreasing the socio-economic wealth of the people.



“Riches get richer poor get poorer”

Why is it? Yes, this goes with the fact that Rich people are cautious about not decreasing their property value by dividing as a numerous share but circulating them within their small family (one or two heirs), resulting in accumulation of wealth and growth among them.


Most of the poor people who has lack of awareness, has the mind set that more people in a family may get more income for the family but this results in deficit of income as no person in their family can get proper necessity and their rights which ultimately leads to unnecessary increase in population and nothing more


Generally, today’s generation are all well versed in getting a degree. They are joining colleges to get qualifications but not to be qualified. Thus, even when those students were coming out of the college with flying colours, they fade away at the time of struggling for their search in qualified job, forgetting that they studied for qualification and not to be qualified. This negligence of those students will bring the issue of unemployment as they live in a society where overpopulation is an indirect major issue. The main focal point is on the increase of statistical data on literate people in India by opening more Education Institutions but makes the focal point as an end point by not creating more employment opportunities.

That is, it is more evident that the opening of institutions is the result of overpopulation but the need for those people is not created anywhere!!


Nowadays most of the existing Farmers are not willing to make their legal successors as their successors in their work as a farmer but to see them in a different field. This is because the land they use to cultivate will ultimately be infertile one day. This soil infertility is due to the overpopulation making the farmers to produce more production by using toxic fertilizers and to earn a living by the increased productivity.

“In the olden days it was believed that Agriculture was the backbone of the country but today we used the excuse of overpopulation by making it as a business”


In developed countries they concentrate on the production of weapons and export them for the exchange of the food products in developing countries leading to the exploitation of soil fertility in these developing countries. The overpopulation which led to the climate change resulted in the loss for the farmers. Thus, leading to the Government aids and insufficiency to import the food ultimately leading to debts all over the country and receiving loan from the world bank.


Our country is rich in talented persons but the unfortunate thing is that we don’t have enough job opportunities to those talented people but most of our people is concentrating on developing their own family (receiving gratitude). This results in our people moving to other countries for their jobs this decrease the economic growth of our own country’s company development resulting in unemployment.

“Unqualified Becomes Qualified & Qualified Becomes Unqualified”


The people who wants to satisfy their basic needs will start to fulfil them one by one but once they were fulfilled, they don’t stop with that but will start to search for achieving the next level which is of luxury and thereby decreasing the quality of life by adding more machineries and this was the natural psychology. Once they reach this they will do the same with their heirs to built them an individual house with the advanced machineries and these will lead to more pollution because the machineries are mostly of polluting nature which may be of Ozone layer depletion (Carbon monoxide), Radiation (Mobile phone radiation), Air Pollution (Smokes from industries), Noise Pollution (the habit of unwanted horns), Water pollution (Mixture of chemical components to natural water resources) etc. These are all the effect of large number of people using it in large number of quantities. The social relationship is totally diminished due to the habits which were termed as luxury even in this Overpopulation.


Lis pendency is the pendency of the litigations in the court. There are still 3 crores of cases pending in the courts of India whereas the population of India is 130 crores. It is impossible to hear all the cases by the judicial body alone and thus the alternate dispute Resolution is brought by the Government to solve these cases. But even though there are more reliefs provided for the public the people will always look for a new relief for a different problem and the large number of cases and complaints were given by different people daily.


The intention to Live a decent life is not malafide intention but the way they use to live such life is the main source which decides whether it is a malafide or bonafide intention. The people who is holding a position in any industry can be earning their income for their needs if they are not earning enough income for their needs then the next thought, they get is to get it using any means even if they are malafide. The unemployment and shortage of employment to the qualified people leads to such thinking that they are bound to do something in order to fulfil their needs, resulting in a crime which will also increase the crime rate and leading to a bad reputation of the country. This cannot be corrected by giving them free funds or any aids but can only be changed by cutting the root cause of such needy crimes by creating a welfare state with proper awareness on how every issue is connected to overpopulation.


The International convention on Law of the Seas clearly states that the States can exploit and experiment only the resources provided by the provisions in the convention and are equal for all the country and they are not based on the population of a country. But the resources in the high sea do not reach all the people in the country at the expected level because of overpopulation.


The land resources were depleted because of the people occupying the land in order to make it into a living place. The fresh water resources were also getting dried up due to global warming or they were altered to be dried so that people can occupy those places as their house.


The main cause of contagious diseases is the exploitation of natural resources and creating new products using new chemicals and this made the microorganisms to grow more immune against the drugs since “– x – is a +”. They grow more stronger in such unfavoured conditions. These kinds of microorganisms causing diseases are not easily curable and are more contagious and the mortality rate might be always higher. Such diseases are always easily spread among the people in large number because overpopulation will make more physical contact with other people. The rate of spreading will increase quite fast and also their resistance to the antibiotics may become more powerful and making the drugs ineffective. The development of new products is inevitable but their widespread can be easily controlled in an area with smaller population.


Thus, it is eminent from the above content that “Too much of anything can be good for nothing”. Even though it is impossible for the population to drop suddenly it can be sustained at this point and can be gradually maintain it by taking measures to decrease the geometrical progression of the population.


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