Stand up today still there is a problem of
overpopulation. Today the families are divided into more small families. But
still there is a deep problem of high population. We know that too much of a
good thing can be bad. So too much of population is a bad thing for our Earth.
It can harm our environment. It can be the cause of destruction of our Earth.
So at first we have to know about the causes of overpopulation and how it is
effect our Earth and then we have to think about how we can control our
population and also can safe our Earth. So we must have to take some steps to
control the problems of high population. So we can make a wonderful world.

  • Capacity of Earth of carry people:-

The Earth
has a maximum carrying capacity of people of 9 billion to 10 billion.

  • Day to day increasing population:-

Day to day the population of Earth is increasing
more and more. It is harmful for our Earth. In 19th century the population of Earth
was more or less 1000 million. But today in 2019 the population of world is
about 7.7 billion. There is a large increasement of population in some years.
But it is a thinking element that the capacity of the Earth is of 9 billion to
10 billion and now the population of world is 7.7 billion. So after some years
it can be cross the capacity limit of the Earth and it can be the cause of the
destruction of the Earth. So we must have to take some steps to control the

Reasons of the overpopulation:-

Today there are many reason of increasing population of the World. Some of them are-

  • Born rate is more than death rate: -Today the born rate of people is
    more than death rate. Because of good and advanced treatment process the death
    rate of the people is decreases day to day but the rate of pregnancy is
    increasing because of many unwanted pregnancy, the superstition and the
    religious matter effects to grow the population. So that the population is
    increasing day to day.
  • Advanced science: -Today the science is too much advance. Scientists
    make many types of advanced treatments and medicines which are the reason of
    the decrease of death rate. Science is helping to live the high standard life.
    So it is one of the important reasons of high population.
  • Unwanted pregnancy: -Today the rate of unwanted pregnancy is very high.
    Now many unmarried women and teenagers are becoming pregnant .They live in the
    live in relationship. Those are the reasons of unwanted pregnancy. In so many
    cases they abort their child but in many cases they have to give birth of their
    child. So that the unwanted born is a problem which increases the population.
  • Religious matter: – In some cases there are the religious matter .In
    some religion they think that the more children is better. This thinking is the
    reason of more population. Stand up today many people have that type of
    backdated thinking.
  • Lake of the education: – Stand up today also there is a problem of
    education. Mainly in the developmental and undeveloped areas, lack of education
    among peoples. Many people are not educated. Lake of education is a reason of
    increasing population.
  • Lake of the knowledge of sex education: – Lake of knowledge of the sex
    education is a problem. Many people have no idea how to control the unwanted
    pregnancy. Because they have no knowledge about the protection of sex. It is
    also a cause of overpopulation.
  • Migration: – Many people migrate from one country to another country. It
    is the cause of increasing population of individual countries.
  • Advanced farming process: – As the science is progressing faster. So they have more ideas to farming more foods for the more people. So that the efficient food is preparing for the people.

Effects of overpopulation :-

There are so many bad effects of overpopulation. Overpopulation can
destroy our earth because it effects badly to our environment. Some of the
effects are-

  • Pollution: – Overpopulation is one of the main causes of pollution.
    Because if there are more people then there are more vehicles and also more
    factories. Those are the cause of air pollution. The people are the reason of
    the sound pollution and also the water pollution. It means that more people
    more pollution.
  • Lack of accommodation: – As there are so many people in the world so
    there is a heavy problem of accommodation. There is no enough space to live
    people. So that they creating more buildings in one place to live. This is a
    problem of overpopulation. So there is a problem of unhealthy environment.
  • Lack of trees: – More people have need of more places to live and for
    doing their activities. So the people cut down the trees and clear the forests
    for their own interests. Because people are very selfish. They can do anything
    for fulfil their interests. But they can’t realise that it is harmful for them.
    Because the lake of trees are the reason of lake of oxygen and lake of rain.
  • Lack of oxygen and rain: – As the people cut down the trees so that
    there is a heavy problem of the oxygen, fresh air and rainfall. So those are
    the problems of high population.
  • Lack of fresh water:-People west water and they cut down the trees for
    their own needs and it is the reason of low rainfall so that there is a problem
    of fresh water and this problem is increasing day to day.
  • Lack of fresh food: – Because of the overpopulation demand of more foods
    increases. So for produce the sufficient food the farmers use many types of
    chemicals and it causes many types of diseases.
  • Global warming: – Today global warming is a important problem. Because
    it can be the cause of destruction of our Earth. Global warming is happening
    for the pollution. More people are the reason of the pollution. So we have to
    control the overpopulation.
  • Increasing crime rate: – If there are more people then there is more
    crime rate because people have some needs to live their life. So to fulfil
    their own needs some people do crimes like steal, get robbed etc.
  • Insufficient employment: – Insufficiency of employment is a problem
    which is created for overpopulation. There are not sufficient works for all the
    people. So the problem of lower life expectancy is happening and the crime rate
    is increasing.
  • Child
    labour: -Because of overpopulation there is an increase in child labour.

So those are the effects of overpopulation. There
are more problems which are creating for day to day increasing population.

Needed steps to control overpopulation:-

However overpopulation creates so many problems in
our Earth so that we have to take some steps to control our population. We have
to take steps like-

  • Government steps: – Every county’s government must have to take some
    steps to control their country’s population. They have to create some rules
    like every couple can take one or two child not more than that. It is helpful
    to control the overpopulation of their country. If every country takes such
    types of steps then automatically the population of all over the world can in
    the control.
  • Proper sex education: – If every person take proper sex education and
    they have the knowledge about how to control the birth rate then it can help to
    control the overpopulation. People have to take protection to control the
    unwanted pregnancy. For that they must have the knowledge of sex.
  • Marriage of girls in a proper age: – Mainly in village the girls marry
    before their marriage age and they became pregnant.
  • Education: – If people will educate then they can be more conscious
    about the birth rate.

There are more processes to control the overpopulation problem.

So there are many causes of increasing population in our world and this is a big problem for our environment. It means overpopulation badly affect our Earth. But it has many solutions to control the populations. So we can make a wonderful and harmless world by taking some steps. It can help us to live a wonderful life.

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