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“One thing you must realize is that: you either kill your addiction or your addiction
will eventually kill you.”

Drug abuse is a global phenomenon found in most countries of the world among youth. Although it covers various age range group, and it is most common in youth between 18 –35 years of age. Drug abuse in YOUTH may create a greater hazard than in older people as their brains are not yet fully developed. As a result, the brains of young people may be more susceptible to drug abuse and addiction than adult brains.

So now the question arises that what are drugs?

The drug is any chemical substance which when taken into the body interact with tissues to modify the biochemical process of the body. Some of the drugs exert major effects on the body or brain causing (sleeping) stimulation which results in a change of mood and behaviour. Substance abuse is widespread with an estimated 120 million users of hard drugs such as cocaine, heroin, and other synthetic drugs. Alcohol, cannabis and tobacco are the three most commonly used drugs among YOUTH.

Many young people become dependent on different types of substances and stimulating medicines that come hand-in-hand with the narcotic effect. YOUTH spoils all their lives while consuming drugs. They start living in a different world instead of being social. They spend thousands of their money on buying drugs, and even they look for several ways to earn illegally, and definitely this is the beginning of killing their own ambitions.

Let’s take a look at a live example-

A recent case in which a youth died because of drug overdose-

Malcolm James McCormick, age 26, known professionally as Mac Miller, was an
American rapper, singer, songwriter, and record producer. One of the successful youth he was. He did great work while pursuing his own passion, everything was on the right path but then the overdose of drugs destroyed his life, and all that was killed in this accident was the Youth ambition, the ambition to be better. He was a famous personality, that is why we came to know about his death but on the other hand, many young people died because of an overdose of drugs in the same period weren’t recognised because they were not able to achieve their ambitions in the right way. This is how ambition get killed by the poison named DRUGS.

Demetria Devonne Lovato, age 27, known professionally as Demi Lovato, at the age of 18 she was highly influenced by drugs, several times she was overdose by drugs and in the year 2018 she was hospitalized for two weeks and subsequently entered an in-patient rehab facility. And in the same year, she decided that she won’t be consuming drugs and yes now she is absolutely fine and working hard for her ambitions. So basically you have your own choice to choose path either it may be a right one or a wrong.

Now just take an example of mine as well as my surroundings,

To be very honest I’m one of the youths who was once influenced by drugs, I did it just for fun. I wasn’t addicted to it, but yes I’ve seen, how drugs ruin one’s life. It doesn’t affect my life much but I’ve seen hundreds of live getting ruined because of it, it makes you weak from inside, you think that everything is going good but now it’s just you are running away from things, you can’t face them that’s why you go for drugs. It’s something which not only kills your ambition but it kills you as a human as well.

And I’ve seen hundreds of people around me who are highly influenced by all these kinds of drugs, some are doing it for fun, some are doing because of their friends, some are doing it in the name of depression, and some are trying to manage their stress while consuming drugs. Even knowing all of its causes people do it, they even know about all the harmful effects on their health, they even face some, like memory loss, mental breakdown, lack of concentration and the list is endless.

So while concluding this article I just want to write that life is far better without drugs, you can see the right path to fulfil your ambitions in a better way, you will be able to fight with your own problems instead of running from them. And I bet you people that your ambitions will be much more clear and even much easier to achieve, without drugs. So the drugs not only kill your ambition it acts as a coffin as well.

“The Power to redefine your life and purpose is in your hands, use it effectively like a wise person.”

And yes now the best thing is I’m away from all these things and working hard for achieving my own ambition, which is to be part of the Indian Army. And remember you have a choice to choose the right path as well as the wrong one. Be calm, focussed and choose the one for yourself. ALL THE BEST!

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