Crime against women – By Abhishek Chauhan


Crime against women in India is a very old social issue which is a genesis deeply to the societal norms and economic dependence. Both 49 per cent of the population are facing severe issues like aggression and violence. India is traditionally a male-dominated country where women have to face violence in society since time immemorial. Men humiliate, exploit, and torture women from the very fast.

Women’s has a fear of violence in their mind which causes to lack of participation in almost all aspects of life. Rapes and brutal murders are getting common nowadays which includes crimes like harassment, assault etc. It has reduced the status of young girls in the society as well as lowers their position than in other regions. The old practice of female infanticide still persists in this modern society due to which the number of girl child is comparatively less than the male child (almost 940 women to 1000 men according). Such a huge decrease in the percentage of female child is because of the sex-selective abortions and negligence infancy.

Girls are usually treated as property by their families. They are owned by father before the marriage and my husband after the marriage. Many attempts have been made to make the women dependent. They are still not economically dependent which has made the condition worse for them. According to a research, it is found that 65% of Indian men believe the women should tolerate their violence in order to keep family together, and they also think that women sometimes deserve to be beaten.

 A big incident of violence against women happened in Delhi on 16th December in 2012( Known to be as Nirbhaya Gang Rape case). It was brutal gang rape of the 23-year-old girl in India. A huge crowd of angry people come out on the street to protest. Even after such types of cases happening regularly in India still, the societal norms against women are the same. If you see India as a developing country, Indian society even after such an increase in the level of the education level of the people the society persists the same. Violence against women in India occurs because of the inefficient legal justice system, weak rules of law and male-dominated social and political structures. A situation of women varies all over the country. Following the place, culture and tradition of people. Women in the north-eastern provinces and south.

The present situation:

  • Main highlighted crimes are murder, rape, molestation, sexual abuse and eve-teasing etc.
  • Discrimination/harassment at work, domestic violence
  • India ranked fourth more dangerous country for women travellers.

Laws for the protection of Women

  • Dowry prohibition act, 1961,
  • Protection of women from domestic violence act, 2005
  • The criminal law (amendment) act, 2013
  • Indian divorce act, 1956
  • Sexual Harassment of women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act, 2013

In India, four women are raped in every one hour. At least, one woman is raped in every 14 minutes. Nowadays the youth is also involved in such heinous crimes and it is increasing day by day. Media is one powerful influence. Vulgarity and violence are now common on TV and social media. Crime among teenagers is a big problem and youth cannot liable for the same alone. We should take note of the causes and should take relevant steps to confront this problem.

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